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          Cixi kadaya electric appliance co., LTD. Is located in cixi city, which is known as the pearl of south of the river. It is one of the cities with the fastest economic development in zhejiang province. north It is connected with the world's first sea-crossing bridge, hangzhou bay sea-crossing bridge, and the international metropolis Shanghai. The traffic is very convenient, and the natural conditions are very superior.

          This factory by "unceasingly innovates, the sincere service". Specializing in the production of "timer" series of products. The factory has advanced, perfect production process and testing equipment, using zhuo The more scientific management mode, each part, the working procedure all examines strictly, guarantees the product which produces, the safety is durable, but this factory series product, may completely and each brand washing machine and the electric fan form a complete set use, for the customer choice, the sales network Throughout the country, small and medium-sized cities, "timer" series of products by the majority of users trust.

          Cixi kada ya electrical co., LTD. "to the quality of today, tomorrow's market, customer satisfaction, is our biggest desire" for the purpose of the factory, so that the majority of users buy at ease Use it safely.

          Industry outstanding

          Seiko fine cut

          High cost performance

          Quality of service

          Continuous innovation Sincere service

          Speak with quality

          Quality r&d center

          The company's quality policy is: continuous innovation, sincere service. The company always adheres to the principle of "one goal" and "two standards" in product research and development. One goal The customer's demand, no matter how demanding the customer's request is, must leave no stone unturned satisfies. The "two standards" are enterprise standards and national standards. The main products the company is producing have established enterprise standards higher than the domestic industry standards. Continuously enhance their core competitiveness.



          Focus on every detail

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